Powerboat courses

The RYA powerboat courses are primarily for those using open powered craft such as RIBs or sports boats. They are also designed for the professional open boat skipper who is required to prove their competence or provide certification for work.

Level 1 is an introduction course which will give a basic understanding of power boating. It covers boating safety, basic boat handling and theory. This is a minimum one-day course with a minimum age limit of 8 years. Click for details.

Level 2 is a much more advanced and useful course. It covers close quarters boat handling, planing speed manoeuvres, man overboard recovery and collision regulations along with lots of other skills which will help you really enjoy your boat. The minimum age for this course is 12 years, the minimum duration is two days but to gain the maximum value we strongly recommend that you have an extra day learning some very useful navigation theory. The theory day is in the classroom before you take part in the practical, this way you are able to put into practice everything that you learn. At the end of the course you will be able to handle your boat confidently in familiar waters and park it safely in the marina. Click for details.

Of course if you have already taken an RYA navigation course and are confident of your knowledge we can move straight on to the practical. We would just ask a few questions beforehand to establish that your knowledge is current.


Mostly, these courses are run on your own powerboat or rib so that you can get used to the way it handles and have specific help to the type of boat you will be driving. 

If you don't have your own boat but still want to do one of these training levels then this can also be arranged by us. 


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